Christmas Lighting Williamston MI

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year filled with festive colors and amazing decorations on the outside of people's houses. If you love having lights on your home but dread the Saturday that you have to spend putting everything up, consider calling Hundred Acre Woods to hang up your Christmas lights. Just like folks trust us for their lawn care in Williamston MI, they also rely on us for wintertime services such as hanging up outdoor Christmas lights and snow removal in Williamston MI. When you're ready to get your home ready for Christmas, we will come out to your house and work with you on a design that you will adore and one that is customized to fit in perfectly with your house. We begin with the minimal amount of lighting and you are free to increase from there to whatever kind of design you would like. We use LED lights and maintain them throughout the entire season so if a bulb or a whole strand of lights were to go out, just give us a call and we'll be at your home as soon as possible to repair them for you. After the Christmas season has passed, we come back to your home, take down the Christmas lights as well as the other decorations we may have put up and store them for you until the next year. Per the contract for this service, the homeowner owns the lights used so if you decide to stop using Hundred Acre Woods for your Christmas lighting service we will return the lights to you. Since you're the owner of the lights, this means that when Christmas comes around again there's no need to buy new ones unless you decide to increase the amount of lights being used - you just pay to have them re-hung. We love providing this service because it's a fun and exciting way to get into the spirit of the holiday season and it allows us to work with our customers year-round. Imagine having professionally installed Christmas lights with a beautiful customized design without having to be out in the frigid temperatures and snow for hours on end. Along with hanging Christmas lights, we offer comprehensive lawn care services packages so that your property can look beautiful throughout the entire year. When you combine our lawn care in Williamston MI with the proper amount of irrigation, you're sure to have an envious lawn filled with lush green grass. Before winter comes in and you're ready to hang those lights, make sure that your sprinkler system has been winterized so that excess water doesn't freeze and damage the lines. After winter, our technicians will visit the property in order to get your irrigation system up and running once again. Whether you require lawn care services or you're looking to have a team of qualified professionals be the ones to fight the cold weather to hang up your Christmas lights so you can stay inside and enjoy some hot chocolate, give Hundred Acre Woods a call. We've been serving the community and forging relationships with our customers for over twenty years and we're proud to help our hundreds of customers with everything from applying lawn fertilizer to irrigation installation to snow removal.