Irrigation Williamston MI

One of the key factors in maintaining a lawn is ensuring that you have proper irrigation. At Hundred Acre Woods, we have been installing and maintain sprinkler systems so that our customers can enjoy the beautiful lawn they deserve. When you spend a lot of money on lawn care in Williamston MI you'll want to make sure you're watering it regularly so that your investment doesn't go to waste. Whether your home has a big or small yard, commercial property or even a sports field, you can count on us to set up your sprinkler system so that your fertilized lawn has access to all the water your grass needs to help it grow. At Hundred Acre Woods we have a comprehensive maintenance plan for your irrigation system. It begins in the springtime after the winter temperatures and snow are long gone and it's time to start caring for your yard. During this visit one of our crew members will reset the back flow valve properly, readjust the clocks and reprogram your sprinkler system to ensure that it will operate at the appropriate times for the greatest efficiency. We also offer a midseason check-up to ensure that the system is running properly and that the water is reaching all the appropriate parts of the yard that need it. Finally, at the end of the year, we can provide a complete winterization of the irrigation system. This is accomplished by blowing compressed air out of the system so that you won't have to worry about it freezing during the frigid months and damaging the system. We will also reset the back flow valve. Hundred Acre Woods also provides complete lawn care services to sports fields. These services can include anything like putting in a sprinkler system and even painting the fields so that athletes of all ages can play on a nice field. One of our recent clients was for the East Lansing Soccer Complex for the city of East Lansing and we are happy that they've put the trust of their fields into our hands. When it comes to sports turf we will ensure the height of the grass is even and at the right length for playing and make repairs to areas due to wear such as around the goal areas of a soccer field. When it comes to weed control, our main concern is the prevention of fungus over common weeds. We even install the nets for soccer goals and ensure that the grass receives the right lawn fertilizer to maximize growth and vigor. Whether you need a sprinkler system installed or lawn care in Williamston MI, you can put your trust into the dependable hands of Hundred Acre Woods. We have been providing lawn care services for over 20 years with many of our original customers relying on us to this day. Knowing that we have such loyal customers makes us feel good and shows us that we are providing a high level of service and that folks believe they are getting the best outcome for their investment. If you're in need of a new irrigation system or even snow removal in Williamston MI, give Hundred Acre Woods a call.