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When we started Hundred Acre Woods we only had about fifteen customers at the time but over the years we have accumulated over four hundred properties that depend on our lawn care services, irrigation services and Christmas lighting. The owner takes a hands on approach and works with both staff and customers to ensure excellent customer service which is why many of those fifteen original customers still count on Hundred Acre Woods for their lawn maintenance and irrigation needs. You can have quality lawn care near Holt MI when you choose a reliable company like Hundred Acre Woods The founder of our company has had a lifetime of experience in the lawn care and grass industry beginning as a child growing up on a farm in Montana where they raised grass seed. From there he moved to Michigan and worked on lawn maintenance at a country club until he founded Hundred Acre Woods in 1995. Taking his degree from Michigan State enjoying the turf and irrigation aspect of lawn care services is what helped drive his desire to establish his own business and is one of the reasons Hundred Acre Woods continues to thrive. If you're in need of irrigation such as a new sprinkler system or you want the type of lawn care services that will provide lush green grass then choose Hundred Acre Woods. Our irrigation service includes both residential and commercial properties and extends to sports fields and turf. Whether it's children playing a Saturday morning soccer game or college students pouring their heart out on the field, maintaining the turf can make the experience much more enjoyable and allow them to play at their best. We have the experience to ensure the grass height is even and ideal, maintain the spots that see the most action so that they don't get tramped down into dirt, and we even set up nets and paint the fields. For lawn care near Holt MI, we offer a comprehensive program to help your grass come out of the winter strong and thrive all year. We provide weed control designed to fight over thirty annual weeds as well as crab grass, and our slow release lawn fertilizer maximizes plant health by providing the proper nutrients to the roots. To help your grass get properly watered, we can install an underground irrigation system so that your grass receives the water needed especially on those longer hot summer days. We can even help you set the appropriate run times and make mid-season alterations so that the grass is receiving all the water it requires. For the wintertime, we have snow removal near Holt MI for commercial properties and we can put up your outdoor Christmas lights at your home so you don't need to go through the hassle of putting up and taking down lights in below freezing temperatures. The Christmas light program is one we love doing with our customers every year because it helps bring the spirit of the season to their home. We can create designs for new customers and monitor the lights in case a bulb goes out. For existing customers, we store their lights and take care of the hanging and taking down every year. Call Hundred Acre Woods to learn more about lawn care near Holt MI.