Lawn Care Williamston MI

If you've invested money into having a beautiful lawn then you'll want a reliable company to provide the right level of lawn care so that it can thrive. By choosing Hundred Acre Woods for your lawn care in Williamston MI, we can be the ones to help get your grass looking amazing. From lawn fertilization to weed control to aeration, we have the highly-skilled and experienced technicians to ensure your lawn is healthy. We offer a five step program that has proven to help lawn thrive and maintain its health over the warmer months. Our lawn fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer and includes iron to promote that lush green look. The first fertilizer application occurs in the early spring and is designed to help the grass come out of its winter dormancy. This application includes crab grass and weed prevention which will fight off over thirty annual weeds. The second application is designed to help your grass take advantage of the April showers so that the roots receive the crucial nutrients needed to help its continued growth. Once we get into summertime, we begin to treat your grass with the appropriate lawn fertilizer to help the grass maintain its vigor even on the hottest days of the summer. The fourth application is designed for weed control and the final fall application will reach the deep roots setting the grass up to remain strong during the coldest months of the year and be ready to thrive once the weather warms up again. As you can see, Hundred Acre Woods has created a lawn care services plan that is proven and reliable. Throughout the season we work directly with the customer to tackle any lawn issues they may be experiencing before it becomes a problem. We also offer aeration services which will help the fertilizer, water and air reach deep into the soil so that the roots can receive all the nutrients necessary to help the grass stay strong. On top of our lawn care services, we can install an underground sprinkler system so that your grass can be watered to truly maximize its ability to thrive and stay green all year long. Proper irrigation will go a long way in helping your lawn remain healthy and strong. Our company's owner is dedicated to customer service and has extensive experience within the lawn care services industry. Our certified technicians will be able to implement the lawn fertilizer and weed control necessary to keep your lawn not just surviving but thriving. Since our founding in 1995, we have built a large customer base which relies on our services to help them have the property they've always wanted and to ensure that the grass remains a great part of the curb appeal of their home. Many of the original customers we had at the beginning still use Hundred Acre Woods for their lawn care needs. When you require lawn care in Williamston MI for your home or business, need an irrigation system installed or maintained or even your business is looking for snow removal in Williamston MI, you can always trust the professionals at Hundred Acre Woods.